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Luke Alex Davis

I'm a writer and blog editor.

Producer / Writer / Digital Polymath / Coder / Federer stan / PKMN guy / Brutalist junkie

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Jamaica 679366 1280 article

17 Proverbs and Phrases from Jamaican Culture

Coming from Jamaican heritage, I have been exposed to a plethora of proverbs and phrases from my mother and while they may seem like broken English to many outside the Caribbean sphere, they have resonated with me since childhood. Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Jamaican people isn’t the “cool” stereotype the West love to perpetuate but their no nonsense approach to life lessons. This should come as no surprise given the nation’s slave history and the horrific ordeals suffered by not only the original natives but its “newer” generation from Western Africa.

Hipster article

It’s Not Hip To Be Square: What Is A Hipster Really?

You know the drill. White men with beards, slicked hair, lumberjack shirts and a penchant for obscurity are hipsters. But has it always been that way? Well, the truth is they aren’t the first hipsters to walk the earth.