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I'm a writer and blog editor.

Producer / Writer / Digital Polymath / Coder / Federer stan / PKMN guy / Brutalist junkie

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The UN To Legally Combat Cultural Appropriation - But Is That Enough? - Cultrface

It’s a phrase that makes people of colour indignant towards the perpetrators and white people indignant towards the accusers. Cultural appropriation exists no matter what side you’re on. It is harmful to those marginalised and used to make profit under this guise without the slightest notion of understanding or desire to do so. That’s where the ruse fails.

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17 Proverbs and Phrases from Jamaican Culture

Coming from Jamaican heritage, I have been exposed to a plethora of proverbs and phrases from my mother and while they may seem like broken English to many outside the Caribbean sphere, they have resonated with me since childhood. Perhaps the most striking characteristic of Jamaican people isn’t the “cool” stereotype the West love to perpetuate but their no nonsense approach to life lessons. This should come as no surprise given the nation’s slave history and the horrific ordeals suffered by not only the original natives but its “newer” generation from Western Africa.

Reims article

Classic Championship Manager: Beyond Your Wildest Reims...

Away from all the drama, corruption and controversy surrounding football these days, football management games are, ironically, the best escape. I say ironically because with every new version released in glossy shrink wrap, the games converge more towards reality than ever before. For some, Football Manager has become saturated with complexity and turned gamers off. I admit to being one of them although that hasn’t stopped me from buying most of them since 2005 with hope of finally breaking away from my true love – Championship Manager 01/02.

Dilla article

Give the Drummer Sum: J Dilla's Influence on the Modern Drummer

James Dewitt Yancey has garnered all the posthumous acclaim you’d expect for a hip-hop visionary underappreciated outside of his circles. Whether it be for his impeccable choice of samples through a multitude of different styles, his uncanny knack of blowing your mind with his musicianship or his humility in a sea of egos and gold chains, he is revered as a legend beyond the realms of hip-hop music, and rightfully so.

Hipster article

It’s Not Hip To Be Square: What Is A Hipster Really?

You know the drill. White men with beards, slicked hair, lumberjack shirts and a penchant for obscurity are hipsters. But has it always been that way? Well, the truth is they aren’t the first hipsters to walk the earth.

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Football Is Dead

The sport that we loved so much as children no longer exists. It has been replaced with a Narrative of Football; a new game deeply entrenched in analysis, code, writing, superfluous discourse, and orchestrated controversy. All of this is part of a Narrative cycle, with each event feeding into the Narrative and in turn, controlling the next event.

5 Tips On How To Approach Blogs With Your Music

Being a music producer as well as an editor of a blog, I have the best of both worlds when it comes to music submissions. Many sites have their own guidelines for submissions and these should always be addressed but on the chance that they don't, here are a few tips you may want to consider in hopes of getting your music on your favorite online publications.

Black milk north american tour no poison no paradise tour article

Review: Black Milk – No Poison No Paradise

As a producer, what do you do when you’ve covered so many bases in style? You find new ground or you refine what you’ve already touched upon. No Poison No Paradise is the palette on which Black Milk has painted his latest masterpiece, mixing old techniques with newer designs.

Flying lotus article

5 Things Flying Lotus Should Do Before He Dies

The LA production maestro has his hands in a lot of jars but what should he do next? Here are five things we think Flying Lotus should do before he dies.